An insane dinner on Place des Vosges

Diner insensé Place des Vosges

Each month, Paris Match and Waww La Table invite artists and personalities to meet around a great chef to celebrate the gastronomic meal of the French, listed as a cultural heritage of humanity by Unesco.

The opportunity for Laura Ternoudji and Christian Estrosi to indulge, under the eye of our camera, in some confidences at the auctioneer Jean-Claude Binoche in front of a meal by chef Bruno Verjus.

A starred chef, a unique place, a Waww table set and guests from different backgrounds: the recipe for Waww Le Dîner .

Waww Diner Paris Match 6: the splendid table set by Mr. Jean-Claude Binoche

Breathtaking view of the Place des Vosges. A spring evening at Mr. Jean-Claude Binoche's, famous auctioneer at Drouot, an insane setting where works are exhibited that the expert eye could not resist. Captivating and mysterious, like him. A stunning painting by Eustache Le Sueur depicting the abduction of Ganymede fathoms 17th century Flemish tapestries, contemporary furniture.

Waww Diner Paris Match 6: Bruno Verjus lays, one by one, microscopic wild-picked plants on pea tarts

On the courtyard side, in the kitchen, Bruno Verjus lays, one by one, microscopic wild-picked plants on pea tartlets. His restaurant, located in a working-class district of Paris, has only been in existence for nine years. Before embarking on gastronomy, Verjus tasted in turn general medicine, business and radio. Also a doctor, Philippe Denis started writing. His first novel “Family Inventory” has just been published.

Waww le Diner Paris Match 6: Crunchy lobster almost alive on its rock

Madame is served: “Crunchy lobster “almost” alive on its rock. "Here, we don't cook, we do poetry, it's better!" I would say that we are making love, but we are only at the beginning”, declaims the chef with that lyrical verve which has made his reputation as much as his culinary know-how. Served raw, with hot butter infused with its grilled shells, the crustacean delivered by the Mareyage Hennequin workshops seems cooked. "A doctor's trick to trick the brain," he laughs.

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